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The Oooo It's Advent Special!

4 December 2012

Well it's December and it'll soon be competition time. In the meantime we bring you great songs from John Kachnowski, Grand Rezerva, Horse In Transit, The Rippers, Thee Oops, Wonk Unit, System Of Hate and 7 Feelings.

Comedy Suburbs, Paul has skills, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Fleshtones, we talk about our week, Tony talks about his new kittens, Paul talks about Oslo, airport bus issues, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony's middle class, Paul's A505 tour, Izzatwat!, we talk beans and Tony reminds you how you can listen online.

Song 1: John Kachnowski – Looking For Loopholes
Song 2: Grand Rezerva – She Runaway
Song 3: Horse In Transit – Lucky Strike
Song 4: The Rippers – The Prey Is In
Song 5: Thee Oops - 554
Song 6: Wonk Unit - Plasterer
Song 7: System Of Hate – Dark Winged Immortal
Song 8: 7 Feelings - Coffeetime

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