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The Have A Banana Special!

8 October 2012

Paul's figured out the only way to improve certain songs and Tony's not figured out how to open the front door, but never mind that here's some great songs from The Rippers, Subsonics, Popular Giants, Acid Baby Jesus, De Hoje Haele, Belladonic Haze, The Scurge and The Peacocks.

Acton, no Comedy Suburbs, Radiohead, Tony has your Facebook comments, Izzatwat, Podfather, Paul's musical advice, Paul talks about his gig last week with Phill Jupitus, Kebab War!, Tony's International Gig Guide, Anthrax?, Tony's on autopilot, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, The Scurge, Izzatwat! and please do review us at iTunes.

Song 1: The Rippers – Better The Devil You Know
Song 2: Subsonics – Lime Lime
Song 3: Popular Giants – On The Road
Song 4: Acid Baby Jesus - Swordfight
Song 5: De Hoje Haele – Jeg Horte Dig Synge
Song 6: Belladonic Haze – She Loves To Argue
Song 7: The Scurge - Jelly
Song 8: The Peacocks – It’s All A Lotta Bollocks

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