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The Drunkabilly Special!

28 August 2012

Paul's back in England, for now... so before he jets off again we bring you a Drunkabilly special bringing you songs from The Caravans, Hellsonics, Cenobites, Hot Boogie Chillun, Running Wild, Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen, Nitro 17 and Gecko Brothers.

Paul's voice, Comedy Suburbs (Corner), Tony's DIY, summer confusion, iTunes reviews - do it now!, Paul talks about the last night in Edinburgh, Chloe, Chartreuse is one of those bad shots, Air Out My Shorts, Tony's International Gig Guide, Pauly's International Gig Guide, Tony's doing nothing, Paul's off to Oslo, NDA's, no Twat - please do email [email protected] and thanks to all the internet radio stations that feature us!

Song 1: The Caravans – Psychobilly Popstar
Song 2: Hellsonics – Demon Queen
Song 3: Cenobites – The Cage
Song 4: Hot Boogie Chillun – What Happened To
Song 5: Running Wild – Ice Cream Dream
Song 6: Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen - Footsteps
Song 7: Nitro 17 – Soft Like Velvet
Song 8: Gecko Brothers – Funny Feelings

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