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The 7th Birthday Special!

31 July 2012

Our 7th birthday signals the start of a new era here at Punky Radio and we're back with great songs from Faintest Idea, The KDV Deviators, The Mexanines, Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi, Safety Orange, Thee Vicars, The Bones and Paul B. Edwards.

We have an email from Liam, phrase of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, one way ticket to Fishtown, Tony's pest infestation, Paul talks about the festivals he performed at, we have bad news about Steve Lieberman, Air Out My Shorts, Tony's International Gig Guide, bad news about Thee Vicars, Paul talks about his week ahead,, Edinburgh, no Izzatwat this week, flying mice!, Motor museum, Oslo, Songs in the key of Death and thanks to the various stations that feature the show!

Song 1: Faintest Idea – 36 Barrels
Song 2: The KDV Deviators – Deviator Zone 86
Song 3: The Mexanines - Shimmer
Song 4: Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi – We’re All Derek Jeter
Song 5: Safety Orange – To Save A Man
Song 6: Thee Vicars – I’ll Do You Wrong
Song 7: The Bones – The Hooligan Bop
Song 8: Paul B. Edwards – Things In Tins

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