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The Pineda Psychobilly Special!

3 July 2012

To commemerate the 20th anniversary of the Pineda Psychobilly Festival we bring you a psychobilly special featuring songs from King Kurt, Vann Machine, Demented Are Go, Mad Sin, The Tall Boys, Klingonz, The Quakes and The Bones.

Big Cock, throbbing red vinyl, Comedy Suburbs, why not leave us a Facebook comment, Tony reminds you of the internet stations on which we are featured, Tony's house move probably went well, shot a dog with my penis gun, Air Out My Shorts,Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony has no kitchen, Paul talks about his weekend of gigs, "Izzatwat" and please do review us at iTunes.

Song 1: King Kurt – Pumpin Pistons
Song 2: Vann Machine – In The Crotch
Song 3: Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall
Song 4: Mad Sin - Petrol Lunatic
Song 5: The Tall Boys – Brand New Gun
Song 6: Klingonz - Madness is A State Of Mind
Song 7: The Quakes - Asshole In The Express Lane
Song 8: The Bones – Burnout Boulevard

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