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The Get Involved With Punky Special!

15 May 2012

Paul's back from Oslo and Tony's all on his lonesome, so there is no better time to bring you some great songs from De Hoje Haele, Belter, Gay Anniversary, Hellshovel, The Psyched, Sultan Bathery, Autopsy Boys and Frenzy Of Tongs.

No comedy suburbs this week, Paul issues a warning, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul has issues with the CD he ordered, Slovenly Records, Tony gives a brief house update, Tony's quick Avengers review, the music of John Williams, Paul talks briefly about Oslo and his weekend of gigs, World Record attempt, Tony's International Gig Guide, Steph's away so Tony is working hard with the house, we discuss Tony's one room, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs this week, Tony is twatless, we talk about a new Internet Radio station we are appearing on, Paul reads out a letter from The Frenzy Of Tongs, The Frenzy Of Tongs T-Shirt Competition!, Tony reminds you of the other Internet Radio Stations we are on and please do get involved with the show!

Song 1: De Hoje Haele – Ubehagelig, Nederdrogtig & Led
Song 2: Belter – TV Junkie
Song 3: Gay Anniversary – Fat Punks
Song 4: Hellshovel – Hated By The Sun
Song 5: The Psyched – Rubber Gloves
Song 6: Sultan Bathery – River Raw
Song 7: Autopsy Boys – Rich Kids Playground
Song 8: Frenzy Of Tongs – Mail-Order

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