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The Tooth Hurty Special!

8 May 2012

Well after we've both recently had teeth related issues, we bring you some toothy rock! Get ready for some great songs from The Highliners, Vice Squad, Rattlin’ Bone, The 99ers, The Burnouts, Menic, Sleeze and Paul B. Edwards!

We talk about The Highliners, Tony gives a braces update, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul plays a live guitar intro, Tony talks briefly about the house, Council tax woes, Paul talks about his week, Pushing Scandinavian Music To The Man, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his week ahead, Norway, Recording studio!, Tony has no Twat but Paul comes to the rescue, RIP Adam Yauch, Paul debuts a new song and Tony reminds you how you can listen online!

Song 1: The Highliners – The Dentist Song
Song 2: Vice Squad – Princess Paranoia
Song 3: Rattlin’ Bone – Yesterday Is Here
Song 4: The 99ers – They Came, They Saw, They Rocked
Song 5: The Burnouts – No Erection, No Love
Song 6: Menic – Lay Some Boot In
Song 7: Sleeze – Love To Hate
Song 8: Paul B. Edwards – I Blame Pam Ayres

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