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The Paul's Back From Oslo Special!

17 April 2012

Paul's returned from his week in Oslo and Tony is no longer Solo, but enough of these sick rhymes and on with the great music from Vice Squad, Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle, Demented Are Go, Found Dead In A Trunk, Restless, Alien Sex Fiend, The Finger Choppers and Wasted Life.

Marv phones both of us!, Comedy Suburbs, Voodoo Rhythm, Tony has your Facebook comments, Random Hand, Demented Are Go, Tony's kitchen floor is no more, Paul talks about Oslo, Flashing ones nipple, Paul's learning techniques, Tony's International Gig Guide, Norwegian Bouncers, hanging around in airspace, no Izzatwat this week, we remind you about the competition and Paul's off to the recording studio!

Song 1: Vice Squad – Punk Rock Radio
Song 2: Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle – Henry’s Blues
Song 3: Demented Are Go – Engine Trouble
Song 4: Found Dead In A Trunk – Corpse Fishing
Song 5: Restless – You Been Gone
Song 6: Alien Sex Fiend – B-B-Bone Boogie
Song 7: The Finger Choppers – Insomniac Jack
Song 8: Wasted Life – Bad Habits

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