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The Return Of Paulyb Special!

3 April 2012

After narrowly avoiding the eternal sleep of death, Paulyb is back with some great tracks from Wasted Life, Valve Rider, Revilers, The Movements, The Angry Dead Pirates, Dream Aria, I AM Duckeye and Vice Squad.

Paul explains why we are recording the show late, Poetry Corner, Flesh Gopher!, Tony has your Facebook comments, will Paul blow himself up before the end of the show, last weeks show, No no no, Paul talks about some of his trip, Grand Canyon, 14 hours snoring, Double down saloon, Bacon Martini, Vegas slots, Tony's International Gig Guide, Aria, Tony talks house, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, poster software, Status Twat, Vice Squad and we talk about Mevio.

Song 1: Wasted Life – All Fucked Up
Song 2: Valve Rider – Bring It On Heavy
Song 3: Revilers – Quit My Job
Song 4: The Movements – Put Me Down
Song 5: The Angry Dead Pirates – I Don’t Mind
Song 6: Dream Aria - Labyrinth
Song 7: I AM Duckeye – Stink Lines
Song 8: Vice Squad – Seventies Misogyny

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