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The TNS Vol 3 Special!

27 March 2012

Whilst Paulyb circumnavigates the Grand Canyon Tony brings you some great music from Broken Aris, Random Hand, Sense Of Urgency, BrainDead, The Dangerous Aces, The Liabilities, Almeida and The Dead Class.

Tony talks about the TNS compilation, Tony has your Facebook comments, Antwerp ring road, Emz gets in touch, Tony talks about The Chavs, Status Quo, bathroom destruction, condoms, Tony's International Gig Guide, upcoming house works, Tony's Impromptu Movie Section, "Izzatwatless", Tony reminds you about iTunes and normal service resumed next week when Paulyb returns!

Song 1: Broken Aris - Felix
Song 2: Random Hand - Tales Of Intervention
Song 3: Sense Of Urgency - This Decay
Song 4: BrainDead - To This Day
Song 5: The Dangerous Aces - Endless Bullshit
Song 6: The Liabilities - Goo
Song 7: Almeida - Kinslayer
Song 8: The Dead Class - Pulse And A Heartache

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