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The Podunk Special!

13 March 2012

Paul's back from his Euro trip and this week we have a new 40 track album from Podunk which is free to download so get ready for some great tracks from Animal Train, The Zits, Shark Week, Switchblade Justice, Upbeat Allstars, Yo! Scunt, Dead Aces and Short Temper.

We talk about Podunk, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul talks about his week, Salzburg, Aktion Kuchen, girls in hotel rooms, Austria, St Anton, Piste Off, Tony's International Gig Guide, illegal downloading, Podunk, Tony gives a brief house update, Paul continues his story from his Euro trip, we discuss the finer points of art, a controversial backfire of an "Izzatwat" and don't forget to review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Animal Train – N.R.A.
Song 2: The Zits – Teenage Fatass
Song 3: Shark Week – Addi Can’t Name Songs
Song 4: Switchblade Justice – You Gonna Die
Song 5: Upbeat Allstars - Breaking Point
Song 6: Yo! Scunt - I Was A Kid In Special Ed
Song 7: Dead Aces – Another Day
Song 8: Short Temper – Fuck Shit Up

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