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The Paulmas Special!

7 February 2012

It's the time of year again when all good Aquarians rejoice - the 12 days of Paulmas! To celebrate we have great songs from The Vermin Suicides, The Hell Fish, Thee Gravemen, Centre Excuse, Duckworth, The Scurge, The Ramones and The Dead Class.

We talk about Antipop, Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, Shark Shagger?, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony's been destroying again, Paul talks about his week, burly man, snow and ice, Tony's International Gig Guide, Threshold Festival, The Scurge, Shoe Gazing?, Paul talks about his gigs this weekend, Last Minute Comedy updates, Ramones live, Izzatwat:Surfing On A Tsunami Of Twat, more news about Hanging Around In My Pants, Tony has a brief warning about our Podcast feed and Paul receives an interesting text message.

Song 1: The Vermin Suicides – Human Nature
Song 2: The Hell Fish – Stuck In A Rut
Song 3: Thee Gravemen – Shake It
Song 4: Centre Excuse – Stop, Drop & Roll
Song 5: Duckworth – Kings And Queens
Song 6: The Scurge - Radiator
Song 7: The Ramones – Don’t Bust My Chops
Song 8: The Dead Class – Be Afraid

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