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The See You Next Tuesday Special!

31 January 2012

Amidst the usual chaos, destruction, inebriation and automation that is our week, we bring you another shining gem of a show with great music from Thee Exciters, The Scurge, The Straps, The Dirtbombs, Vaudeville & The Bad Omens, The Intelligence, Black Dawn and Paul B. Edwards!

A mistake in last weeks show, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Chicken and Mushroom madras, Rice, Broccoli and Quorn, The Straps had a famous drummer, we talk about our weeks, Paul meets Sally James, ROCK, Tony's International Gig Guide, Northern Lights, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Paulmas Day, Tooth Hurty, no Izzatwat again - so please do email those to [email protected], iTunes reviews, Tony talks about the radio stations we are featured on, the Podunk DJs and we remind you of a few bits and pieces!

Song 1: Thee Exciters – Devils Make Up
Song 2: The Scurge – Don’t Take A Shit In The Dark
Song 3: The Straps – Police News
Song 4: The Dirtbombs – I Can’t Stop Thinking About It
Song 5: Vaudeville & The Bad Omens – Cannon Fodder
Song 6: The Intelligence – Tropical Struggle
Song 7: Black Dawn – Suicidal Groove
Song 8: Paul B. Edwards – Hanging Around In My Pants

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