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The Show 300 Special!

25 May 2011

We did it! Show 300 is here and we record live in front of a studio audience and bring you great songs from Goldblade, Miho Wada, Limozone, Cocksparrer, 3CR, Girugamesh, Zombina & The Skeletones and New Town Centres.

Meet the audience, Sulu's origin story, Paul has a poetry corner, Felix gives us some recorder action, Tony has your Facebook comments, Milkypants!, Paul's Dad's Occasional Question For Tony, Amberance talks about the Cocksparrer gig, Tony International Gig Guide, Insane Star you owe Paul pants, Paul talks about his week, Felix's talks about his Grandad, Comedy Suburbs, White Riot/Blitzkrieg Bop mashup, "Izzatwat" is back for a group twatting and massive thanks to our audience!!!

Song 1: Goldblade – Fighting On The Dancefloor
Song 2: Miho Wada – Piss Off (Such A Loser)
Song 3: Limozine – El Presidente
Song 4: Cocksparrer – Suicide Girls
Song 5: 3CR – She’s Only Fucking 12
Song 6: Girugamesh - Border
Song 7: Zombina & The Skeletones – Puke It Up
Song 8: New Town Centres – Sir Dancealot

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