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The We Play Punk Special!

26 April 2011

Paul's armed with a smile, some chocolate milk and some full on Punk, so get ready for some great songs by The Fuckwits, X-Ray Specs, The Parkinsons, The Briefs, TV Eye, Annihilation Time, Los Brigands and Cannibal Rabbit.

Poly Styrene has died, this weeks show should be shorter than last weeks, no Podcast Alley votes this week - is it bust again?, please "like" our Facebook page and leave us comments, show 300 is fast approaching, iTunes reviews are great, Pantsfield one-oh-cock, Tony talks about the new Thor film, bad 3D, St Georges day, Tonys International Gig Guide, Paul talks about the Nasty Grind night he's going to, Paul talks about the upcoming runners up final for the new comedian of the year, Tonys not really up to much, no Izzatwat this week - email [email protected], Tonys International Gig Guide Part 2, Paul has an iTunes review from New Zealand and we give you instructions!

Song 1: The Fuckwits – Scars on Sunday
Song 2: X-Ray Specs – Warrior In Woolworths
Song 3: The Parkinsons – Body And Soul
Song 4: The Briefs – Run The Other Way
Song 5: TV Eye – Nice People
Song 6: Annihilation Time – The Worm
Song 7: Los Brigands – Nothing To Do
Song 8: Cannibal Rabbit - TV

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