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The Show 293 Special!

5 April 2011

It's Show 293 this week, not that we're harping on about it, but its Show 293. Apart from the fact that its Show 293 we still manage to bring you great songs from The Fuckwits, The Routes, The Frenzy of Tongs, Urban Voodoo Machine, Phenomenauts, Rattlin’ Bone, Samurai Dynamites and Los Brigands.

Sex and Sci-fi, Meet Ton, word of the week, Portal!, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Steph's smashing plates, Tonys sold his car and is ready for his new one, Paul talks about his week, Tony International Gig Guide, Show 300 ideas, Paul talks about whats happening this week, no Izzatwat this week - has World Peace overcome us all?, Tony talks about the renovation revolution, we are now film stars and don't forget to review us at iTunes.

Song 1: The Fuckwits – No Sex Please, We’re British
Song 2: The Routes – I’m Spent
Song 3: The Frenzy of Tongs – Doctor Who
Song 4: Urban Voodoo Machine – Oh Lonesome You
Song 5: Phenomenauts – Rocket Roll
Song 6: Rattlin’ Bone – Little Gina
Song 7: Samurai Dynamites – Fantasista Della Passione
Song 8: Los Brigands - Yesterday

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