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The Japan Special!

28 March 2011

It's light and it's Monday - it's all so very very wrong... except the music which is great as we feature songs from Thee out Mods, Wonk Unit, Browny Circus, Moochie, Mac & Superfriends, All Japan Goith, Piss Ant, Electric Eel Shock and Limozine.

Myspace is down 10 million users - oh well, Paul announces the winner of last weeks Rattlin' Bone competition, Poetry Corner number 1!, Tony has your Podcast Alley comment, Kunt and the Gang for number 1?, stumbling and a mumbling, Monaco Bears win Battle of the Bands, stay away from men playing snooker in their socks, Tonys International Gig Guide AAaaaAAAaaaaaaaa, Wonk Unit? Sunday? Paul's there!, Tony's doing nothing... again, Paul talks about his week, Tony's twatless again - please send your twats to [email protected], Poetry Corner number 2! and why not review us at iTunes?

Song 1: Thee out Mods – Likagenni Shiyagare!!
Song 2: Wonk Unit – Streets Of Soho
Song 3: Browny Circus – Ride On
Song 4: Moochie, Mac & Superfriends – Fish, Eggs & Sushi
Song 5: All Japan Goith – Butterfly
Song 6: Piss Ant – Last Call
Song 7: Electric Eel Shock - Limousine
Song 8: Limozine – Drink Yourself Out Of It

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