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The Christmas Competition Special!

15 December 2010

Another week closer to christmas and Tony is dying of Man Flu, but never fear we still have some great songs from Resistance 77, Distortion UK, 10 O'Clock Horses, Raised Under Reagan, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Tony Hearn and Miho Wada.

Christmas Competition 2, last weeks winner, Bill from New York, Paul interviews The 10 o'clock horses, we talk about the (possibly) last ever Mill gig, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, Pauly's International Gig Guide, Poetry Corner, Paul interviews Oddy from Resistance 77 and Oddy poses the question for this weeks competition so get entering!

Song 1: Resistance 77 – Bible Rock
Song 2: Distortion UK – Toxic Teens
Song 3: 10 O Clock Horses – Change (Acoustic)
Song 4: Raised Under Reagan – Igor’s Dilemma (double handed on)
Song 5: Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons – Trouble With The Devil
Song 6: Tony Hearn - Time To Regret
Song 7: Miho Wada – Pajama Day
Song 8: Resistance 77 – You Talk Shit

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