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The Bad News Records Special!

24 August 2010

It's Tony! Pauls away this week, so Tonys in charge, be afraid! Don't worry though we still have great music from Gold Skies Ahead, Taken By The Tide, Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy, The Bacchae, Widows, Asbo Peepshow, Hack Mack Jackson and Pornoheft.

Whats happening?, Paul is still alive -, Tony welcomes his guest - Stephanie, Bad news records, Tony talks about Myspace, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Twilight and Thebes, poem from Fatboy, oily cat wank, a talky indie exclusive?, we talk about Uber, Ad break: Tony talks about a new campaign to get you discounts on flowers! Use the code punkyrad at Interflora/Fleurop FTD to get 20% off your order, Tony interviews Baz from Bad News Records, Tony talks about The Central in Nottingham, Tonys International Gig Guide AaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa, Stephanie talks about Hack Mack Jackson, a dodgy builder "Izzatwat" and we successfully reach the end of the show - normal service resumed next week!

Song 1: Gold Skies Ahead – Promised Souls
Song 2: Taken By The Tide – Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
Song 3: Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy - Gunnishment
Song 4: The Bacchae - Thirteen
Song 5: Widows – Fuck Knuckle
Song 6: Asbo Peepshow – Taking The Michael
Song 7: Hack Mack Jackson - Trouble
Song 8: Pornoheft - Klafak Jakomeau

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