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The Post Apocalypse Special!

16 August 2010

It all feels wrong this week as we record this show on a Saturday afternoon in the sunshine... but nowhere near as wrong as next weeks show will feel... Never fear though we still manage to bring you 8 great songs from The Radium Cats, Dragster, Sport Doen, Roughneck Riot, Septic Psychos, Nox, Leather Zoo and Jean Bleu.

Olympics, Paul Paterson, a rather disturbing word of the week, shark week?, alternative catchy super noise, Tony has your Podcast Alley votes, earl gray, Tony's a lover not a fighter, Literal vs Lateral thinking, survival in a post apocalyptic world, David Bowie, Sport Doen, no Judge Mental but we do wonder about his travel plans, Paul talks about his Star Trek show, Paul talks to some of his ex customers!, Tony and Stephanie went to a blues bar for cocktails..., Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code PUNKY410 (or PUNKY411 if you are in the UK) for your discount and you can also use PUNKY412 for .com domains, also we have 3 additional codes, Punky20H1 code will give you 20% off hosting plans, Punky125 code will give you 25% off orders of £65 or more, with the PunkySSL code you can buy standard SSL Certificates for £12.99, Tonys International Gig Guide Aaaaaaa, Pauls Edinburgh show, the Dead 60s new band, Paul talks about Edinburgh, the flashy Leather Zoo, we'll be changing the beds soon, the last "Izzatwat" from Tonys well of twats - please email [email protected] to help replenish the well!, chuckle brothers, Dogging in the forest recipe suggestions wanted and we make an announcement about next weeks show.

Song 1: The Radium Cats – My Girl Is Like Uranium
Song 2: Dragster – Speed, Whiskey, Sex And Rock’n’Roll
Song 3: Sport Doen - May
Song 4: Roughneck Riot – Downing My Ways
Song 5: Septic Psychos - Glassed
Song 6: Nox – Dentro Il Covo
Song 7: Leather Zoo – George And The Dragon Whore
Song 8: Jean Bleu – Le Buerre et La Merde

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