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The Mostly Manilla PR Special!

14 September 2009

Paulybs groffossed and Tonys flumkerbumbled - but luckily for us Manilla PR are to the rescue in this Mostly Manilla PR special. Get ready for some great songs by Zenyth, Jakes, Limozine, Meretto, Razorblade Kisses, Volcanoes, Married To The Sea and Brigada Mercy.

We ruin the magic, Paul has some Myspace comments, TNS Records podcast, Its a Frog life, Smith and Pyle, Tony makes Paul an offer and he refuses, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, half birthdays, Tony blows the dust off his "Izzatwat" - ITS BACK!, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code PUNKY7 (or PUNKY8 if you are in the UK) for your discount and you can also use PUNKY9 for .com domains, also the Punky25 code is back for 25% off orders of £65 or more, Paul has a Darwin award to read, Pauls weekend part 1, Ra-Ther, Pauls weekend part 2, Pauls gay bar tour turns out rather gay, thanks to Roachradio - why not listen to us this week and don't forget to review us on iTunes!

Song 1: Zenyth - Fall
Song 2: Jakes – Ashita Ni Nareba
Song 3: Limozine – El Presidente
Song 4: Meretto - Bust
Song 5: Razorblade Kisses - Teddy
Song 6: Volcanoes – What You Came For
Song 7: Married To The Sea – White On Pink
Song 8: Brigada Mercy – Roto Chico

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