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The Smooth Goddess Special!

28 April 2009

Oh Lord - We're both a little worse for wear this week after a tremendous Dolly remixture at the weekend, good job we have some soothing sounds from Lord Bishop Rocks, The Voronas, Sport Doen, Steve Hooker, Chron Gen and Bleach Boys.

Word of the week thanks to the Smooth Goddess, Paul has your Myspace comment!, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Comedy Suburbs, Osama of the month!, 36 is the low point of life, "Izzatwat" is very well deserved!, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, Paul talks about his gigs in Bristol, Tony attempts to review Dolly Remixture, Paul reviews The Wrench, Paul hosted a game show!, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Tony talks about an upcoming Alcohol gig and we're now on twice a week at Roach Radio!

Song 1: Lord Bishop Rocks – Rock & Roll Revolution
Song 2: The Voronas – I Get So Wild
Song 3: Sport Doen – This Truck Delivers Meat
Song 4: Steve Hooker – Forty Dollar Picture In A Priceless Golden Frame
Song 5: Chron Gen – Friends Tell Me Lies
Song 6: Bleach Boys – She’s Not My Wife

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