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The Punk and Disorderly 2009 Special!

18 November 2008

This week we focus our attention on next years Punk and Disorderly festival in Berlin which Tony may or may not be going too, we're just not sure... What we are sure about is this weeks great music from Cocksparrer, Crashed Out, Argy Bargy, The Last Resort, Klingonz and 4 Skins.

If Tony goes to the festival then he'll have to interview the bands!, Paul has the UK iTunes reviews, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, we talk about the Punk and Disorderly festival, "Izzatwat" is short and to the point, argy bargy.. no sorry... ARGY BARGY, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, Rent-a-Ghost and Corrie, Paul talks about Radio Boscombe, we play a sketch from Radio Boscombe, Comedy Suburbs!, Fat Boy emails in, Paul's Dad has another question for Tony, Paul talks about the Dark Compass podcast, we talk Psycho Pounds and the British economy, Paul talks about The Darwin Awards, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, disco Queen, Shaun Of The Dead, Paul mentions his upcoming gigs and hopefully next week we'll have some Purple Burglar Alarms!

Song 1: Cocksparrer - Too Late
Song 2: Crashed Out - Heroes
Song 3: Argy Bargy - Don't Wanna Be Like You
Song 4: The Last Resort - Held Hostage
Song 5: Klingonz - Way Back Home
Song 6: 4 Skins - Thanks For The Memories

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