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The Rebellion (Kinda) Special!

5 August 2008

Even more Chilean Merlot and a new secret assistant, but don't fret - there's still great songs from Resistance 77, Dangers Close, Holy Racket, Crashed Out, Guitar Gangsters and Riot Squad.

Everyone wants to be our secret assistant, word of the week, we have your Myspace comments, nox get in touch, Shaolin Soccer, Arthur 2, Purple burglar alarms and jail bait, Paul cut his cock and goes into detail - a lot of detail - maybe more than you need!, Dangers Close, no "Izzatwat" this week - email your nominations to [email protected], the Freddy Krueger of fun, Pauls definately not thinking about a threesome, we have your PodcastAlley comments, Pauls bedtime voice, Ad break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet needs, its Rebellion this weekend AND Endorset in Dorset, Poetry Corner, Hussieskunk and Wicked Radio, The Beastie Boys, Tony reveals the identity of the secret assistant but post production saves the day and Judge Mental returns and makes a valid point - we think!

Song 1: Resistance 77 - I'm On The Wagon
Song 2: Dangers Close - Bottles To The Ground
Song 3: Holy Racket - Armed To The Teeth
Song 4: Crashed Out - Freak Show
Song 5: Guitar Gangsters - Another City Night
Song 6: Riot Squad - Wasted

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