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The Psychobilly Meet Part 1 Special!

22 July 2008

We finally go over the Psychobilly meet this week which means more great music from Goldblade, The 4get Me Nots, Severe Zero, As Diabatz, Ben Cooper Rockin' and Hollywood Suicide.

Hello from Strangy, word of the week, Paul reveals the winner of the big competition - and the postage cost may hurt, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, the next issue of The Wrench may be quite Punky centric, Paul impresses all with his Coronation Street knowledge, Tony adds to the prizes for the big competition, Paul has some emails, the answer to the competition!, Paul has some handy German phrases, some more information on our highest ranking listener, Twilight and Thebes request our services, Chinas answer to pollution, a most fantastic "Izzatwat" nomination from Mr Hearn, Ad Break: don't forget to visit for all your internet and webhosting needs, Paul talks about his trip to Psychobilly meet and the drink voucher greatness, As Diabatz interview, Ben Cooper interview, Psychobilly-no-mates, Paul prepares us for the worst interview he's ever done, a slightly drunk Paul's Hollywood Suicide interview, Paul and the Andy Crane Show and goodbye from a Klingon!

Song 1: Goldblade - Mutiny
Song 2: The 4get Me Nots - Brewer's Song
Song 3: Severe Zero - Silence On The Radio
Song 4: As Diabatz - Summertime Blues
Song 5: Ben Cooper Rockin' - The Crossroads
Song 6: Hollywood Suicide - Sunset Boulevard

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