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The Two Faced Special!

4 June 2007

We've managed to squeeze two specials into one fun-sized episode of the almighty Punky! We feature songs from the Earth The Californian Love Dream, CubanCrimeWave and Old Basford which are featured on the Areafour Records compilation Soundcheck Nottingham, and we also feature Ivys Itch, Projekt and Kitty Hudson from the Devolution Unsigned Summer Spirit CD.

We talk about the Areafour Records compilation, Paul's got a word of the week but he's gonna make us wait a little for it, Tony's band was rejected for the compilation but he's not bitter, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Fatboy has been back in touch, Paul IS a mother, Tony and Paul sing a lovely tune, we talk paper sizes, Paul reveals the word of the week, Tony has a rather political "Izzatwat" (if he can even read it) - don't forget to email your nominations to [email protected], Basil Brush!, Cats vs Dogs vs Parrots, Ad Break: visit for all your internet needs and quote code Punky1 (or Punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, don't forget you can no longer visit our TShirt store at Cafepress, we talk about the Devolution magazine, Paul talks about his weeks of gigging, speed camera tractor driving cops, Paul talks about Facebook, we enhance the Projekt song as it reminds us a little bit of something else, Pauls bingo temptation, a well deserved shout out to Hussieskunk and Wicked Radio, we mention the big punk gig at the Townmill this weekend and we have a plea for a new bassist from the Monkeyfist boys

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