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Shows - 2021

PUNKY! - 26-01-2021 - The 50 Percent Ordained Special!

26 January 2021

January draws to a close... so grab yourself a copy of Withnail and I, and consider us Punky foreplay as we bring you nine great songs from Damn Vandals, Model Society, The Frenzy Of Tongs, Afronaut, The Wall, Nikki Hill, Radio Aftermath, Hayley And The Crushers and Grande Royale.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, Withnail and I, Danny, last week, Covid test, snow, video, green screen, Bongs of Praise, fraud, Paul is ordained, From the Vaults, no gigs, donations, this week, video planning, tax return, zoom, Biden, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Damn Vandals – They Won’t Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon
Song 2: Model Society – I Spy
Song 3: The Frenzy Of Tongs – Nursing Home
Song 4: Afronaut – Hell For Sinners
Song 5: The Wall - Peroxide
Song 6: Nikki Hill – I’m Gonna Love You
Song 7: Radio Aftermath – We Eat The Buffalo
Song 8: Hayley And The Crushers – Church Of Flag
Song 9: Grande Royale – Just As Bad As You

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PUNKY! - 19-01-2021 - The Punk Of Earl Special!

19 January 2021

2021 has started, but frankly it still feels like a 2020 hangover. So let's not bother getting out of bed and deny 2021 with nine songs from Das Kapitans, False Heads, The Revox, Bipolar, Bob Wayne, Punky Ruckus, MC16, Hot Breath and Monty Vega & The Sittin’ Shivas.

Bandcamp confusion, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, show 800, Psycho Mart, last week, Tony released his single, not a whole lot happening, Forest, Bongs of Praise, does tea go off?, From the Vaults, gigs, donations, fancy wine, this week, work work work, Tony wants to start work on his new video, 2021, PBETV, no Izzatwat this week, Trump, Biden and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Das Kapitans - Gobshite
Song 2: False Heads – Twenty Nothing
Song 3: The Revox – Talk About Her
Song 4: Bipolar - Virus
Song 5: Bob Wayne – Hell Yeah
Song 6: Punky Ruckus – She’s A Geezer
Song 7: MC16 - Anti
Song 8: Hot Breath – Who’s The One
Song 9: Monty Vega & The Sittin’ Shivas - Suddenly

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PUNKY! - 12-01-2021 - The 800th Punky Special!

12 January 2021

We've reached another podcasting milestone this week... 800 shows! Whilst we're pretty sure no other podcast on the planet has released 800 weekly shows, we don't want to harp on about it. Instead let's settle down to a smashing selection of tracks from Johnny Altman, Midnite Snaxxx, The Morning Shakes, Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls, Screamers & Sinners, Pussycat And the Dirty Johnsons, Incisions, Real People and Tony Hearn.

Show 800, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jeff, last week, start to the working year, Bongs of Praise, Burning Down The House, dentist, bird crap, From the Vaults, Screamers & Sinners, gigs..., lockdown and this year, vaccine, this week, work, online course, PBETV, Hollywood, Izzatwat, Tony's new song is finally finished and a massive thank you to everyone for listening over the years!

Song 1: Johnny Altman – Looking For The Love Of My Life
Song 2: Midnite Snaxxx – Fight Back
Song 3: The Morning Shakes – Thunderbird ESQ
Song 4: Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls – The Zombie
Song 5: Screamers & Sinners – Little Jim
Song 6: Pussycat And the Dirty Johnsons – Beast Will Out
Song 7: Incisions – No Shame
Song 8: Real People - Augmented
Song 9: Tony Hearn – When This Shit’s All Over

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PUNKY! - 05-01-2021 - The Well... Hello 2021 Special!

5 January 2021

The year has begun and, whilst we await the word from Boris, we treat everyone to nine pleasant plums from Marianne Toilet And The Runs, Nikki Hill, Electraluxx, The Kowalskis, Brutally Frank, The Living Daylights, The Young Hasselhoffs, The Dirtiest and The Fish Mittens.

A whole lotta fucks, Tony has your Facebook comments, "If it ain' tasty... it ain't melted", last week, Jigsaw Man, New Year, Dinner for one, Bongs of Praise, cheerio lodger, 50 greatest 80's songs, From the Vaults, lockdown?, donations, this week, Tony will be finishing his song, PBETV, Show 800 is coming, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Marianne Toilet And The Runs - IWF
Song 2: Nikki Hill – Oh My
Song 3: Electraluxx – Robutussin High
Song 4: The Kowalskis – First Date
Song 5: Brutally Frank – Puff Of Smoke
Song 6: The Living Daylights – The Kids Are Restless
Song 7: The Young Hasselhoffs – I’m Not That Bad
Song 8: The Dirtiest – Ti Piscio Sul Presepe
Song 9: The Fish Mittens – Strawberry Jam

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