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Shows - 2020

PUNKY! - 29-09-2020 - The Womb And Tomb Special!

29 September 2020

Oh what a night. Late September back in 2020... it arrived and now it's leaving us and whilst we await the wonders of October, how about we pass the time with nine tangy songs from Natalie Sweet, Dictator Ship, Crash Induction, Bobby Funk, King Automatic, Other Half, Tony Hearn, Apeman Spaceman and Pussycat And The Ditry Johnsons.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, Womb and Tomb, Tony has your Facebook comments, Camels, Fat Boy loves his Goth, last week, Tony is busy working, visiting the parents before any further lockdown, Nutty Nottingham Tour, Hooters, From the Vaults, our remaining gigs of this year, Tony's new cover, next week, worky work work, donations, lies make us feel better, nada Twata, Punky Faceamsks and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Natalie Sweet – Lip Service
Song 2: Dictator Ship - From The Womb To The Tomb
Song 3: Crash Induction – Sweet Tooth
Song 4: Bobby Funk – Povvo Goblin
Song 5: King Automatic – Des Barbelés Sur La Prairie
Song 6: Other Half – Tiny Head
Song 7: Tony Hearn – Hey Tony!
Song 8: Apeman Spaceman – Truth Is A Thing Of The Past
Song 9: Pussycat And The Ditry Johnsons – Knee Jerk

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PUNKY! - 22-09-2020 - The Save Your Swears Special!

22 September 2020

The Bogalars Return! Need we say more? If that isn't enough for you then don't worry there is a total of nine super tracks this week from the likes of The Sewer Rats, Talulah Gosh, Delmonas, Moron’s Morons, The Antidon’ts, The Short Fuses, Skeletal Family, Darling Buds and Good Time Aussie Bogalars.

Comedy Suburbs, twin terror, Cherry Red - Make More Noise, Tony has your Facebook comment, Timo, translated city names, British Empire, last week, Tony has worked on his new cover, Tony talks about his hospital appointment, Nutty Nottingham Tour, Online Snap, Facebook events, From the Vaults, donations, Punky Facemasks, this week, Tony's working, Paul's new laptop, tour, masks, welcome back Fat Boy, Flexi discs, Izzatwat, The Boys, Karl Urban's accent, voting, TTN, Good Time Aussie Bogalars and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: The Sewer Rats – My Baby Is At Groezrock (And I Am Not)
Song 2: Talulah Gosh – Don’t Go Away
Song 3: The Delmonas – Comin’ Home Baby
Song 4: Moron’s Morons – Sidewalk Service
Song 5: The Antidon’ts - PMA
Song 6: The Short Fuses – The Pink
Song 7: Skeletal Family – Burning Oil
Song 8: Darling Buds – Spin
Song 9: Good Time Aussie Bogalars – Cunt Punk

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PUNKY! - 15-09-2020 - The Season Finale Special!

15 September 2020

You are the light to our darkness, or the darkness to our marmite... something like that. When we're not giving you our life teachings, we also find the time to play nine lovely songs from Voodoo Radio, Winning Streak, Muck And The Mires, Novatines, Radio Vudu, Statues, Home Counties, Diamonds And Guns and Alien Feeling.

Chewits, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fat Boy, last week, in real life, another cover in the works, Hey Tony, PBETV, cliff hanger, online course, new laptop, From the Vaults, gigs, Chess Boxing, Punky! facemasks, this week, Covid loan, Tony's off to the Eye doctor, the Dukes Arms, lodgers, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Voodoo Radio – Eat Your Words
Song 2: Winning Streak – Stop Screaming
Song 3: Muck And The Mires – She Blocked my Number
Song 4: Novatines - Honey
Song 5: Radio Vudu – Vogliopesartil’ Anima
Song 6: Statues – Cardiac Arrest
Song 7: Home Counties – That’s Where The Money Gone
Song 8: Diamonds And Guns - The Lonesome Man
Song 9: Alien Feeling - Scream

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PUNKY! - 08-09-2020 - The A Bit Pet Shop Boys Special!

8 September 2020

We hit September square in the face this week and we find out if a certain deadline was reached... So get ready for nine mostly great songs from JJ & The Real Jerks, Gallows Birds, China Shop Bull, Winter Gardens, Les Suzards, Tony Hearn, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs and Afflict.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Good Time Aussie Bogalars, Timo, Kayla, Bargain Hunt, last week, Tony's deadline, Nottingham Tour, PBETV, Bongs of Praise, From the Vaults, no gigs, Punky Facemasks, recording covers, this week, new laptop, plans are afoot, Izzatwat, prog and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: JJ & The Real Jerks – Split Decision
Song 2: Gallows Birds – My Lambretta
Song 3: China Shop Bull – Public Disorder
Song 4: Winter Gardens - Zigzanny
Song 5: Les Suzards – Searchin’
Song 6: Tony Hearn – Kids In America
Song 7: Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Bye EMI
Song 8: Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – Bad In Bed
Song 9: Afflict – Ultimate High

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PUNKY! - 01-09-2020 - The Mellowed But Sweary Special!

1 September 2020

This week we have it all, masks, madness and (of course) marvellousness. So brace yourself, wash those hands and reach for the handcream whilst doing the robot to nine songs from The Sewer Buddies, Slander Tongue, The Flatbackers, The Bodysnatchers, Wonk Unit, The Skodas, The Objeks, The Cravats and Good Time Aussie Bogalars.

The Bids, The Sewer Buddies, Poetry Corner, Tony has your Facebook comments, more swearing, mad old man in a mask, JenGlen, Punky Facemasks, Jeff, Kayla, Cherry Red, last week, Tony got his new car, Matlock, automatic cars, Kim Wilde, Bournemouth, PBETV, Nutty Nottingham tours, From the Vaults, Wonk Unit, Punk Rock vs Face Masks, gigs?, donations, this week, cover deadline!, PBETV, Tour schedule, Izzatwat, cats, Bogalars and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Sewer Buddies - Mud
Song 2: Slander Tongue – Shattered Girl
Song 3: The Flatbackers – Pumping Iron
Song 4: The Bodysnatchers – Ruder Than You
Song 5: Wonk Unit – Depressed?
Song 6: The Skodas – Everybody Thinks Everybody Else Is Dead
Song 7: The Objeks – Negative Conversation
Song 8: The Cravats - Shy
Song 9: Good Time Aussie Bogalars – Terror Wristy

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PUNKY! - 24-08-2020 - The Forget It Go Special!

24 August 2020

We are clinging onto Summer, which if Tony is correct will be the last full Summer we ever have... so to celebrate being alive, please enjoy these nine great songs from Pussycat And the Dirty Johnsons, Kirsty MacColl, Girlschool, The Frenzy Of Tongs, Ton Ton Macoutes, Muck And The Mires, Au Pairs, The Chefs and The Ramonas.

Comedy Suburbs, Uglyshoes, Make More Noise - Cherry Red, Tony has your Facebook comments, Edinburgh v Nottingham, Let It Go, Frenzy of Tongs, last week, Tony has found a new car, Touareg, PBETV, Online Snap, PhotoShop, Nutty Nottingham tours, Robin of the Hood, From the Vaults, no gigs, Punky! Facemasks, this week, Chiro, frozen shoulder, driving an automatic, caravan!, Izzatwat, twat-log and a reminder of all that matters.

Song 1: Pussycat And the Dirty Johnsons – Lying In My Bed
Song 2: Kirsty MacColl – Turn My Motor On
Song 3: Girlschool – Take It All Away
Song 4: The Frenzy Of Tongs - Hair Of The Dogs
Song 5: Ton Ton Macoutes – Vete De Aqui
Song 6: Muck And The Mires – Zoom Breakup
Song 7: Au Pairs - Diet
Song 8: The Chefs - Food
Song 9: The Ramonas – Ramonas Go To Freiburg

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PUNKY! - 18-08-2020 - The In Jokes Special!

18 August 2020

First wave, second wave, it all pales into significance with the upcoming Apocalypse... Baby you'd better beware! However, informed is forewarned so before you pop out to get the bunker built, we suggest you digest these great songs from Martin Savage & The Jiggerz, Hex Poseur, Burnt Tapes, Thee Dirty Rats, Hot Fetish Divas, Saturday’s Heroes, Reverse, Rocket and Knife Club.

Access to Facebook pages, additional material, in jokes, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Jen Glen, face masks, regret punk, last week, Tony's ear, wax removal, Nutty Nottingham tour, The Lion, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, streaming, se for Sweden, this week, new car, online course, PBETV, Edinburgh Fringe, Izzatwat and we discuss our plans for the upcoming apocalypse.

Song 1: Martin Savage & The Jiggerz – Between The Lines
Song 2: Hex Poseur - Quiet
Song 3: Burnt Tapes - Getitgotitgood
Song 4: Thee Dirty Rats – Oh Oh
Song 5: Hot Fetish Divas – No One
Song 6: Saturday’s Heroes – Seven Seas
Song 7: Reverse – Empty Spaces
Song 8: Rocket – Losing Breath
Song 9: Knife Club - Artex

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PUNKY! - 11-08-2020 - The Melt Away With Me Special!

11 August 2020

Summertime and the lockdown is easing... for now. Well... it's well warm init, so before we melt into our not so fashionable pants let's listen along to nine songs from The Owen Guns, Revel 9, Man Down, The Idolizers, Origami Horses, Doctors Of Madness, Nana, Rat Boogie and Throwing Stuff.

Guns, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, show 777, last week, holiday, house work, no tour last week, cricket, PBETV, Fat Boy, From the Vaults, gigs, donations, this week, Tony is falling apart, Paul is self healing, gong!, PBETV, no Izzatwat, police and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Owen Guns – The Ballad Of Cheeto Hitler
Song 2: Revel 9 – Steven Seagal (You Know Why)
Song 3: Man Down – We Want Blood
Song 4: The Idolizers – Golden Days
Song 5: Origami Horses – More Songs About Punks & UFOs
Song 6: Doctors Of Madness – Make It Stop
Song 7: Nana - Percy
Song 8: Rat Boogie – David Bow
Song 9: Throwing Stuff – A.C.I.Y.H.A.B

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PUNKY! - 04-08-2020 - The 777th Punky Special!

4 August 2020

Generally we don't make a big thing of the episode numbers, but this week we have show number 777 and we couldn't let it go by without making it a little bit special. So get ready for nine tracks with a theme of 1977! Get ya lugs around tracks from The Cortinas, Norman And The Hooligans, The Civilians & Friends, Bloodcocks UK, Alternative TV, The Quitters, The Dirty Panties, Left Hand Drive and Trash.

Show 777, Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, ... but cathy, Tony has your Facebook comments, Pornscars, birthdays, SquidHat, last week, Tony's ear is worse, Dukes Arms, PBETV, gigs, donations, Scrabble, this week, Tony's on holiday, Nutty Nottingham is back, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Cortinas – Defiant Pose
Song 2: Norman And The Hooligans – I’m A Punk
Song 3: The Civilians & Friends - 1977
Song 4: Bloodcocks UK – Sex And Drugs And Rock’n’Roll
Song 5: Alternative TV – How Much Longer
Song 6: The Quitters – Lust For Life
Song 7: The Dirty Panties – Psycho Killer
Song 8: Left Hand Drive - Jailbait
Song 9: Trash - Priorities

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PUNKY! - 28-07-2020 - The 15th Birthday Special!

28 July 2020

15 years ago this week saw Punky come screaming into the world, covered head to tow with hopes and dreams. Those hopes and dreams may have died way before the lockdown even begun, but Punky refuses to die, the main reason is that we have great tracks and we celebrate by playing 9 of them! So get ready for 9 top tunes from I Got Spiders, Apocalybse Babys, Angry Daddios, Justine And The Unclean, Pornscars, Nikki Hill, Green / Blue, Tasteless and Marianne Toilet And The Runs.

Summer special, Show 776, Comedy Suburbs, Angry Daddios, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Timo, last week, hearing problems, eye sight problems!, Nottingham Forest, The Dukes Arms, PBETV, From the Vaults, Pornscars, no gigs, donations, this week, the usual, Wetherspoons, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: I Got Spiders – Home Of The Depraved
Song 2: Apocalybse Babys - Psychotherapy
Song 3: Angry Daddios – Pay For That Lighter
Song 4: Justine And The Unclean – Picking a Fight
Song 5: Pornscars – The Ballad Of Abe Sada
Song 6: Nikki Hill – Don’t Be The Sucker
Song 7: Green / Blue – No Place To Go
Song 8: Tasteless – The Imposter
Song 9: Marianne Toilet And The Runs - Tourettes

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PUNKY! - 21-07-2020 - The Lockdown 'n' Roll Star Special!

21 July 2020

We are slowly coming out of lockdown, the pubs are open and next week will be our 15th birthday! So whilst we prepare the birthday celebrations lets stick on 9 great songs from Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, Angerland, False Cause, Nikki Hill, Buzzcocks, Total Rejects, Hi-End, Volcanova and Dirk Vermin & The Hostile Talent.

Comedy Suburbs, it's our birthday next week!, show 777 is coming too, Tony has your Facebook comments, poor choice of song to sing, Uglyshoes, Florida, Glen, Kitten Blood, last week, Bongs of Praise instrumental, Tony needs a holiday, PBETV, Nottingham Forest, From the Vaults, gigs, donations, this week, work, Dukes Arms, Planet Claire, Nutty Nottingham tours, things are getting busier, no twat this week, birthday twats??, 15 years and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! – Jiggly Jello
Song 2: Angerland – Comedy Of Hate
Song 3: False Cause - This Flag
Song 4: Nikki Hill - Holler Out Loud
Song 5: Buzzcocks – Boredom
Song 6: Total Rejects – Gonna Get You
Song 7: Hi-End – Perfect Company
Song 8: Volcanova – I’m Off
Song 9: Dirk Vermin & The Hostile Talent – Danger City

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PUNKY! - 14-07-2020 - The For Those About To Lockdown (We Salute You) Special!

14 July 2020

The lockdown blues are once again postponed as another great Cherry Red compilation swings our way! So grab your mask, check the social distance between you and other humans and safely groove on down to nine songs from Voodoo Queens, I Got Spiders, Muck And The Mires, Bis, The Kirkz, Shampoo, The Hawkins, Knife Club and Speedway.

Super Sonics, Comedy Suburbs, Lincolnshire confusion, Tony has your Facebook comments, last weem working, Florida, instrumental work, frozen shoulder, plumbing hassles, PBETV, From the Vaults, donations, Shampoo, this week, working in lockdown, pub, masks, no Izzatwat this week and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Voodoo Queens – Supermodel Superficial
Song 2: I Got Spiders – The Sad Truth
Song 3: Muck And The Mires – Take Me Back To Planet Earth
Song 4: Bis - Keroleen
Song 5: The Kirkz – They Came For Me
Song 6: Shampoo – We Don’t Care
Song 7: The Hawkins - Stones
Song 8: Knife Club – Killing Two Birds With Two Stones
Song 9: Speedway - Entertainment

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PUNKY! - 07-07-2020 - The Lockdownin' In The Free World Special!

7 July 2020

This week we have the usual laughter with a sprinkling of silent tears. So grab those Kleenex, close the blinds and lock on down to nine songs from Perjury, Whistlestop Rock, Martin Savage & The Jiggerz, Seas Of Mirth, Psychic Dog, Damn Vandals, Reverse, Yum Yums and Tommy And The Commies.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timo, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Bongs of Praise theme, last week, work, Chiro, Frozen Shoulder, PBETV, problem plumbers, Forest v Derby, no gigs, Derek Philpott, this week, Chiro, music, The Dukes Arms, Netflix, no Izzatwat, donations and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Perjury – Be Lucky
Song 2: Whistlestop Rock – Queen Of The Drive In
Song 3: Martin Savage & The Jiggerz – The Chosen Few
Song 4: Seas Of Mirth – Ink (Do The Blollop)
Song 5: Psychic Dog - E
Song 6: Damn Vandals – Into The Light Of Love
Song 7: Reverse – Northern Soul
Song 8: Yum Yums – She’s Got Everything
Song 9: Tommy And The Commies – Power On Standby

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PUNKY! - 30-06-2020 - The Cherub Lockdown Special!

30 June 2020

It may just be another week of lockdown, but boy have we got a show for you along with another exclusive track from Angry Daddios (we know them). So get ready for nine songs from China Shop Bull, Indonesian Junk, Idolizers, Not My Good Arm, Buzzcocks, Model Workers, Van Dammes, Almost DEAD Men and Angry Daddios.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Gummi Bears, 10 5, last week, Tony was working on the new Angry Daddios track, Tony's arm is knackered, bad backs and good bras, PBETV, problem plumbers, lodgers, From the Vaults, no gigs!, donations, album sales, this week, Chiro for Tony, work, The Dukes Arms, PBETV, Forest v Derby, pubs opening, Izzatwat, flags, Bongs of Praise theme tune and we remind you of ways you can listen.

Song 1: China Shop Bull - Enlighten
Song 2: Indonesian Junk – C’mon And Love Me
Song 3: Idolizers – Stranded (Again)
Song 4: Not My Good Arm – Dog Therapy
Song 5: Buzzcocks - Useless
Song 6: Model Workers – Borderline Baby
Song 7: Van Dammes – Tax Free World
Song 8: Almost DEAD Men – Queen Of The Bar
Song 9: Angry Daddios – Bongs Of Praise

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PUNKY! - 23-06-2020 - The Lockdown The Casbah Special!

23 June 2020

Oh Internet you do play games with us, we had a few issues this week but this never stops us! So get ready for another locked down selection of nine songs from The Gashers, Crash Induction, MFC Chicken, The Hard Toms, The Rarest, Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, Moron’s Morons, Last Day Sect and Bloodcocks UK.

A minor adjustment, Comedy Suburbs,comedy tips, Crash Induction, Tony has your Facebook comments, MFC Chicken, last week, Tony was working on a new music project..., PBETV, Fathers Day, From the Vaults, no gigs!, donations, this week, Tony wants to finish the new song, plumber, PBETV, Dukes Arms, no Izzatwat this week and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Gashers – Law Is Not Order
Song 2: Crash Induction – It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy
Song 3: MFC Chicken – Free Range
Song 4: The Hard Toms – What’s New Pussycat?
Song 5: The Rarest – No More Hot Dogs
Song 6: Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! – Clever Girl
Song 7: Moron’s Morons – Fuck You
Song 8: Last Day Sect – Je Me Reveille
Song 9: Bloodcocks UK – Mothra v Frankenstein

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PUNKY! - 16-06-2020 - The Lockdown Lobster Special!

16 June 2020

More bleedin' lockdown init? Well, to get us through another week of nonsense, here is our nonsense along with some bubbly tunes from The Derellas, Jay Allen And The Archcriminals, Retoro, Nikki Hill, Art Brut, DITZ, Stop Calling Me Frank, The Dents and WACO.

Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, castles in the sand, Tony has your Facebook comments, Marshall HQ, last week, work, work and indeed more work, lodgers, PBETV, online snap, Bongs of Praise, From the Vaults, no gigs, donations!, the week ahead, unfinished and new recordings, kazoo, Fathers Day, no Izzatwat this week, word of the week and a reminder of how you can listen.

Song 1: The Derellas – Inner City Rock N Roll
Song 2: Jay Allen And The Archcriminals – Little Daggers
Song 3: Retoro – Mr. Alligator
Song 4: Nikki Hill – Don’t Be The Sucker
Song 5: Art Brut – My Little Brother
Song 6: DITZ – Roll Model
Song 7: Stop Calling Me Frank – King Tut’s Tomb
Song 8: The Dents – Last One Standing
Song 9: WACO – Dark Before The Dawn

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PUNKY! - 09-06-2020 - The Lockdown Of Ages Special!

9 June 2020

Another week into this lockdown and another lovely box set from Cherry Red! So get ready for nine songs from Knife Club, The Pistols, The Undertones, Protex, Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies, Control Zone, The Rattling Thorntons, Jerry Lehane and Jim Bob.

Comedy Suburbs, surreal times, The Pistols, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jen Glen?, Hitler and Tony Blair, Shellshock Rock, last week, work work work, PBETV, Bongs of Praise, what are the youth up to?, protests, Covid, Cummings, no gigs!, email Tony with any possible gigs, the sitch, this week, work work work?, online marketing, lodgers, PBETV!, donations, no Izzatwat this week, please do review us and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Knife Club – Remember The Gold Dollar Sign Hoodie?
Song 2: The Pistols - We’re The Pistols La La La
Song 3: The Undertones – True Confessions
Song 4: Protex – Strange Things
Song 5: Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies – Stayin’ In
Song 6: Control Zone – Johnny Johnny
Song 7: The Rattling Thorntons – The Whistle Song
Song 8: Jerry Lehane – Kiss My Tattoo
Song 9: Jim Bob – If It Ain’t Broke

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PUNKY! - 02-06-2020 - The We Will Lockdown You Special!

2 June 2020

The lockdown is kinda semi lifted, the US is mostly on fire and June is almost certainly here. Whilst we try to carry on in this most crazy of worlds, we bring you nine great songs from Danny Cleaver, The Hawkins, The Cravats, Plot 32, Buzzcocks, Mike Masser, The Frenzy Of Tongs, Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! and Bobby Funk.

Danny Cleaver, Poetry Corner, word of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, wine is the answer, drink alone..., donations, last week, work work work, lockdown lifting?, Rishi, kids book, Bongs of Praise, Facebook live, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, the future of gigs?, this week, Tony wants to do more recording, finishing things, social media marketing, PBETV, Dino Punk, Rich Morton, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Danny Cleaver – Circling The Drain
Song 2: The Hawkins - Roomer
Song 3: The Cravats – March Of The Business Acumen
Song 4: Plot 32 - Issues
Song 5: Buzzcocks – God, What Have I Done?
Song 6: Mike Masser – Let It Ride
Song 7: The Frenzy Of Tongs – Rock & Roll Ninja
Song 8: Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! – Intergalactic Reptilian Shredders
Song 9: Bobby Funk – I’m A Cat

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PUNKY! - 26-05-2020 - The Let There Be Lockdown Special!

26 May 2020

This week we are as happy as a Punky in Skype. Marvel! As we can hear ourselves! Be dazzled! By the lack of uncomfortable pauses. Be astounded! By nine superlative songs from Cheap Gunslingers, The False Positives, Anabollic Steroids, Jeff Rosenstock, Bleach Boys, Play Centre, Tasteless, Peuk and The Hi End.

Comedy Suburbs, ironing, Tony has your Facebook comments, like, follow and share, Cinnamon gum, Judge Mental, ask Vader, That's Punky!, last week, paid and unpaid work, PBETV, Bongs of Praise, Fours a Crowd, sunburn, Netflix, From the Vaults, The Bleach Boys, Dead Kennedys, thank you for your donations, Tasteless, side burns, this week, covers, online course, lockdown lovies, Flanders, Izzatwat, Heg Tollo!, masks, Tony tries to get Izzatwat right... and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Cheap Gunslingers – Record Store
Song 2: The False Positives - Caveman
Song 3: Anabollic Steroids – All For One
Song 4: Jeff Rosenstock - Scram
Song 5: Bleach Boys – H.U.A.
Song 6: Play Centre – Space Travel
Song 7: Tasteless – Bad Taste
Song 8: Peuk – Cave Person
Song 9: The Hi End – Way Of Life

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PUNKY! - 19-05-2020 - The Jailhouse Lockdown Special!

19 May 2020

The internet was not our friend this week. So enjoy as we manage to not only have a conversation, but we also succeed in playing nine songs from The Control Freaks, Almost DEAD MEN, Green Blue, The Riven, Angry Daddios, Chaos Bleak, MFC, The Dirty Truckers and Brassick.

Comedy Suburbs, Uglyshoes, Tony does not have your Facebook comments this week, Facebook pages, last week, Virtual Pub Crawl, Online Snap, Bongs of Praise, Eurovision, Bundesliga, From the Vaults, the latest Angry Daddios release, no gigs..., Rich Morton, bank holiday, self employed grants..., donations and we have an Izzatwat!

Song 1: The Control Freaks – Telephone City
Song 2: Almost DEAD MEN – Pretty Thing
Song 3: Green Blue – Police Street
Song 4: The Riven – Moving On
Song 5: Angry Daddios – Pay For That Lighter
Song 6: Chaos Bleak – Empty Morning
Song 7: MFC – I'm Lost
Song 8: The Dirty Truckers – Little Mine
Song 9: Brassick – 39 Souls

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PUNKY! - 12-05-2020 - The God Gave Lockdown Roll To You Special!

12 May 2020

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Discord let's us down but Skype swoops in, takes us in it's virtual arms and sweeps us off our very real feet. So whilst we recover from our flight through cyberspace let us settle down for another chunk of lockdown loveliness featuring tracks from The Suicide Notes, Bony Macaroni, Gingersfarne, WACO, Restless, Electraluxx, Evil Creek, Chouk Bwa And The Angstromers and The Thigh Scrapers.

Comedy Suburbs, episode names and numbers, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jeff, El Draco and the Pieces of Hate, Jen Glen Glen Jen, donations, last week, 9 to 5, four's a crowd, PBETV, Once Upon A Time In London, Restless, From the Vaults, no gigs, Rebellion is cancelled, the future of gigs, music submit, this week, audio book, no Izzatwat this week, Boris, lockdown next stage and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Suicide Notes – On The Rocks
Song 2: Bony Macaroni - MDA
Song 3: Gingersfarne – Blaydon Races
Song 4: WACO – Good Days
Song 5: Restless – V E D A Y Boogie Woogie
Song 6: Electraluxx – My Mom
Song 7: Evil Creek – Lickin Cousins
Song 8: Chouk Bwa And The Angstromers – Sali Lento
Song 9: The Thigh Scrapers – On The Radio

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PUNKY! - 05-05-2020 - The Cherry Lockdown Special!

5 May 2020

To get us through another week of lockdown we celebrate Cherry Red records and we feature tracks from various compilations that they have released. So get ready for nine fruity tracks from Buzzcocks, The Primitives, The Steamkings, Laurel Aitken, Cheerbleederz, The Fall, Monochrome Set, The Revillos and Stiff Little Fingers.

The voice of Jeff, Cherry Red, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, Timo, last week, new structured week, new cover - too fast, PBETV, online snap, boiler, lodgers, not From the Vaults, no gigs this week, virtual stuff, visit, this week, same as last week, lockdown review..., social media marketing, no Izzatwat this week, review us and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Buzzcocks – Sound Of A Gun
Song 2: The Primitives – See Thru The Dark
Song 3: The Steamkings – Dead Like You
Song 4: Laurel Aitken – Nobody But Me
Song 5: Cheerbleederz – Sometimes I Cry At Work
Song 6: The Fall – Fall Sound
Song 7: Monochrome Set – Leather Jacket
Song 8: The Revillos – Caveman Raveman
Song 9: Stiff Little Fingers – The Game Of Life

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PUNKY! - 28-04-2020 - The I Wanna Lockdown Special!

28 April 2020

As work becomes a thing of the past, we realise something about ourselves... we don't like work and are increasingly happy to be locked down. As we settle in for the duration, we welcome nine songs from Jim Bob, Death Party UK, Muck And The Mires, The Sewer Rats, The Restarts, Marianne Toilet And The Runs, The Hi End, The Hard Toms and Apocalypse Babys.

Carter USM, Voice of Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, WHAMBOLT, The Chavs, Cologne, last week, Tony started work on a new cover with Paul, Tony has restructured his working week, PBETV, the warehouse, social media marketing, not working, From the Vaults, no gigs, review us!, this week, BrewDog beer, awol lodger, settling into the lockdown, thank you for your donations, a controversial Izzatwat, Apocalypse Babys latest album and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Jim Bob – 2020 WTF!
Song 2: Death Party UK – Forever Song
Song 3: Muck And The Mires – Slipping Away
Song 4: The Sewer Rats – I’m Quitting My Job
Song 5: The Restarts – Ghost Town
Song 6: Marianne Toilet And The Runs – Punk Rock Pirate
Song 7: The Hi End – Perfect Company
Song 8: The Hard Toms – She’s A Lady
Song 9: Apocalypse Babys – The Beer On Your Breath

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PUNKY! - 21-04-2020 - The Rock Around The Lockdown Special!

21 April 2020

Another week creeps by, and the lockdown continues... Never fear, Punky is here! So, clear your schedule and get ready for nine songs from The Prefab Messiahs, Wretched Hive, Hong Kong Dollars, Saturday’s Heroes, The Partisans, Michael Bernier, The Dirty Truckers, Tasteless and Dictator Ship.

The Voice of Jeff, Frenzy of Tongs, Dublin, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, WHAMBOLT, The Phlegm, last week, Wii, Netflix, Sabrina, Better Call Saul, PBETV, Bongs of Praise, lodger, From the Vaults, Cherry Red, Tony's International Gig Guide, LeftLion, this week, covers, Paperback Writer?, Rio, no Izzatwat this week, buy our stuff if you can!, Tony Towers and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Prefab Messiahs – 21st Century Failure
Song 2: Wretched Hive – Dirty Ol’ Dublin
Song 3: Hong Kong Dollars – Death On The Radio
Song 4: Saturday’s Heroes – Turn Up The Music
Song 5: The Partisans – Power & The Greed
Song 6: Michael Bernier – Equal Rights
Song 7: The Dirty Truckers – Help You Ann
Song 8: Tasteless- Imposter
Song 9: Dictator Ship – In The Heat Of The Night

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PUNKY! - 15-04-2020 - The Chocalockdown Special!

15 April 2020

The lockdown continues and this week we are helped out with some songs from people we know! So stay where you are, clear 56 minutes of your schedule and welcome with open arms (whilst keeping your distance) nine songs from Snuff, The Phlegm, Kalle & Toby, The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Primitives, Moron’s Morons, The Wrong, P.U.T vs Infidelix and Tony Hearn.

The Voice of Jeff, recording / internet problems, Will Smith, The Thick of It, Tony has your Facebook comments, Frankie Boyle, Leave Your Hat On, green screen, last week, Easter eggs, PBETV, online snap, From the Vaults, The Primitives Boxset no gigs..., please leave us some reviews!, donate to us at, this week, Tony working a bit, stir crazy, more fun at home, Izzatwat, Red Dwarf, Chris Packham, Tony's done another cover, Kazoo friendly and we finally relax after internet problems!

Song 1: Snuff – Conductor 71
Song 2: The Phlegm – She Don’t Like Me
Song 3: Kalle & Toby – Creature In The Woods
Song 4: The Urban Voodoo Machine – Living In Fear
Song 5: The Primitives – Sick Of It
Song 6: Moron’s Morons – You Put Hot In Psychotic
Song 7: The Wrong – It’s Been A Long Time
Song 8: P.U.T vs Infidelix - Evil
Song 9: Tony Hearn – Nutbush City Limits

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PUNKY! - 07-04-2020 - The Rockdown Special!

7 April 2020

We've started our 3rd week of lockdown in the UK, but we manage to keep calm and we're going to carry on by bringing you nine washed and sanitised songs from Rebuke, Green / Blue, 45 Rally, Marianne Toilet And The Runs, A Bunch Of Jerks, Lucifer Star Machine, AFewYearsLater, Trophy Jump and Duck & Cover.

The Voice of Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, global lockdown?, Watts, Uglyshoes, Covid cough, last week, Tony's new video, Leave Your Hat On, Paul's been on Facebook live, copyright warnings, Bongs of Praise, From the Vaults, no gigs!, please leave us a review, you can donate to Punky at, Lucifer Star Machine, this week, work, more online broadcasting - 10pm BST, Zoom?, Izzatwat, Florida and a reminder of the ways you can help/listen!

Song 1: Rebuke - Gonzales
Song 2: Green / Blue – No Place To go
Song 3: 45 Rally – Easter Parade
Song 4: Marianne Toilet And The Runs - Tourettes
Song 5: A Bunch Of Jerks – Flying Saucer Attack
Song 6: Lucifer Star Machine – Dwell In Misery
Song 7: AFewYearsLater – Go On
Song 8: Trophy Jump – Bazooka Blaze
Song 9: Duck & Cover – Two Shots

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PUNKY! - 31-03-2020 - The Lockdown Special!

31 March 2020

We are now officially in lockdown, so to help keep ourselves relatively sane we bring you nine great songs from Apocalypse Babys, Muck And The Mires, Mean Motor Scooter, I Got Spiders, Buzzcocks, MFC, Aborted Tortoise, Watts and Angry Daddios.

Apocalypse Babys recording, Psychotherapy video, lockdown, Comedy Suburbs, Jeff, Arnold Brown, Happy Birthday to the other Paul B, Tony has your Facebook comments, Voice of Jeff?, Nes, Jen Glen, Sef Cat Milker, last week, Tony's been recording, new cover, Paul got eggs, Paul's bandcamp page, From the Vaults, Cherry Red boxset, no gigs on at the moment, online gigs, this week, Tony's still trying to work, Star Wars, Paul wrote a childrens book, Paul will be doing a Sunday service on Facebook live, Izzatwat, Angry Daddios! and thank you for the donations so far - visit for more information!

Song 1: Apocalypse Babys - Psychotherapy
Song 2: Muck And The Mires – This Town Makes Me Feel So Lonely
Song 3: Mean Motor Scooter – Zombie Cop
Song 4: I Got Spiders – Throw It Away
Song 5: Buzzcocks - Isolation
Song 6: MFC – Who Gave What To Who?
Song 7: Aborted Tortoise – Scale Model
Song 8: Watts - Seventeen
Song 9: Angry Daddios – Ration The Bog Roll

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PUNKY! - 24-03-2020 - The Don't Panic Special!

24 March 2020

As self isolation starts to kick in, Punky Radio has already stocked up on some great music - so don't panic! Get ready for nine songs from The Dents, Total Rejects, Moron’s Morons, Chaos Bleak, Limozine, Blushe, Ugly Fly Guys, False Heads and Brassick.

Additional material, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, do get in touch!, 8 tracks, Crash Induction, last week, self isolation, Apocalypse Babys video, self employed people are screwed, Paulyb has a bandcamp page - buy his tracks at, help Punky by donating - visit via paypal, From the Vaults, Limozine, no gig guide this week - there are no gigs!, Hooters, Jim Cannamela, this week, we've been working on a song together, toilet paper, staying in, 24 hour news, Boris, no Izzatwat this week, please get your twats in - we need your content, Uncle Randy and we remind you of ways you can listen to all the old shows.

Song 1: The Dents – Last One Standing
Song 2: Total Rejects – (This Night) I’m Going To Be Destroyed
Song 3: Moron’s Morons – Addicted To Homicide
Song 4: Chaos Bleak – Return/Revenge
Song 5: Limozine – Drink Yourself Out Of It
Song 6: Blushe – Shark Attack
Song 7: Ugly Fly Guys – Uh Uh Oh Yeah
Song 8: False Heads – Steady On Your Knees
Song 9: Brassick – It Could Have Been Any Of Us

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PUNKY! - 17-03-2020 - The Bedlam Hangover Special!

17 March 2020

This weeks show features songs from the new Manchester Punk Festival compilation, however since recording this weeks show we've since heard that Manchester Punk Festival is not happening this year. Hopefully it can be reorganised, but until then enjoy 9 songs from The Dangerfields, Guns N Wankers, Sick Ones, The Hard Toms, Art Brut, Torment, Cocaine Piss and Happy Accidents.

Manchester Punk Festival, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timo, Uglyshoes, Covid covers, last week, Tony's cat, Bedlam Breakout, swans, From the Vaults, an interview with Torment, Mart from Crash Induction, Tony's International Gig Guide - Cancelled Edition, don't shut our pubs, Covid 19, Panic Buying, dentures, Cocaine Piss!, Izzatwat, free car and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: The Dangerfields - 1955
Song 2: Guns N Wankers – Skin Deep
Song 3: Sick Ones - Agility
Song 4: The Hard Toms – Quando! Quando! Quando!
Song 5: Art Brut – 18,000 Lira
Song 6: Torment - Torment
Song 7: Torment – Eye For An Eye
Song 8: Cocaine Piss – Eat The Rich
Song 9: Happy Accidents – Wait It Out

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PUNKY! - 10-03-2020 - The Strap On Special!

10 March 2020

As the Corona virus starts to rear its head we prepare for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse by strapping on our 8 track and setting our sights on nine songs from Incisions, The Phlegm, Stepford Wives, The Cravats, The Revillos, Follow Your Dreams, Torment, The Stingrays and Pizzatramp.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff Uglyshoes, strap on..., The Phlegm, Tony has your Facebook comments, 8 track, last week, new Apocalypse Babys song, Tony turning into a monster, full disclosure, scraping wax from pine, Nutty Nottingham tour, hand sanitizer and pasta, Cherry Red, From the Vaults, Billy Bootleggers, Snake Bite, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, Bedlam Breakout, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen to us.

Song 1: Incisions – New Day
Song 2: The Phlegm – Jet Board
Song 3: Stepford Wives – All On Me
Song 4: The Cravats – Jam Rabbits
Song 5: The Revillos – Scuba Boy Bop
Song 6: Follow Your Dreams - Maggots
Song 7: Torment – Pass It On
Song 8: The Stingrays – June Rhyme
Song 9: Pizzatramp – Knighthoods Are For Cunts

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PUNKY! - 03-03-2020 - The Portfolio Career Special!

3 March 2020

Click in the 8 Track, light up the Laser Disc, pop in that Mini Disc and get ready for nine tuneful tunes from Biznaga, The Barefoot Bandit, The Fall, Spanking Charlene, The Dead Exs, Chip & The Charge Ups, Orcas, Candlelight Chaos and Beach Riot.

Comedy Suburbs, Uglyshoes, Poetry Corner, Tony has your Facebook comments, silent listeners, 8 Track, last week, leap year, Portfolio Career, warehouse, Basingstoke, more wardrobe action, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, driver, this week, video shoot coming soon, Nutty Nottingham walking tour, no Izzatwat this week, Comedy Suburbs part 2 and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Biznaga – Produccion De Sentido 24/7
Song 2: The Barefoot Bandit - Demons
Song 3: The Fall – My Door Is Never
Song 4: Spanking Charlene – Too Broke To Go Out
Song 5: The Dead Exs – If You Got The Time I Got The Love
Song 6: Chip & The Charge Ups – This Bomb Ain’t Gonna Light Itself
Song 7: Orcas - Damer
Song 8: Candlelight Chaos – Crush Of Innocence
Song 9: Beach Riot – Tune In, Drop Out

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PUNKY! - 25-02-2020 - The Regret Nothing Special!

25 February 2020

This weeks show has everything... great songs... super gigs... tasty meat raffles... in fact the one thing it doesn't have this week is regrets! So get ready for nine lovely tracks from MFC Chicken, Komety, Dizeaze, Lucy And The Rats, King Horror, Jefferson Airplane, I Got Spiders, Massicot and Confront Stage.

MFC Chicken, Iron Mike, Comedy Suburbs, Ragnarok, Tony has your Facebook comments, Ann K, Weinstein as a verb, running order, a little bit of Paul, last week, Tony's gig in Rotherham, Paul's gig in Newtown Linford, meat raffle, "assemble your wardrobe", Doctor Who, Laurel Aitken From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Jefferson Airplane, this week, Tony wants to record an album, Basingstoke gig, no Izzatwat this week, review us! and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: MFC Chicken – Fuck You, Me
Song 2: Komety - Nigdy
Song 3: Dizeaze – Heart Of Stone
Song 4: Lucy And The Rats – Dark Clouds
Song 5: King Horror – Cutting Blade
Song 6: Jefferson Airplane – Milk Train
Song 7: I Got Spiders – Home Of The Depraved
Song 8: Massicot - Cuska
Song 9: Confront Stage – The Points of The Earth

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PUNKY! - 18-02-2020 - The Absolute Unit Special!

18 February 2020

In a surprise move this week, Paul feels generous and offers Tony the chance to win a car! Will he win? For the answer to this question, just tune in and as an added bonus you can also enjoy nine fangtastic tunes from The Partisans, Beat City Tubeworks, The Monsters, The Monochrome Set, The Primitives, Slander Tongue, Hong Kong Dollars, Askvader and Dictator Ship.

Accidental Poetry Corner, Tony has your Facebook comments, I Got Spiders, Uglyshoes, Cherry Red, last week, Apocalypse Babys gigs outside of the UK, Tony's birthday, Tony did sod all, Storm Dennis, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Rotherham, this week, gonna be quiet, no Izzatwat this week, Ask Vader! and we remind you of the ways you can listen to us.

Song 1: The Partisans – Mindless Violence
Song 2: Beat City Tubeworks – Fading To Grey
Song 3: The Monsters – I’m A Stranger To Me
Song 4: The Monochrome Set – Sweet Death
Song 5: The Primitives – Really Stupid
Song 6: Slander Tongue – Down The Line
Song 7: Hong Kong Dollars - Eraze
Song 8: Askvader – God’s Grace
Song 9: Dictator Ship - Savage

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PUNKY! - 12-02-2020 - The Post Paulmas Special!

12 February 2020

The annual Paulmas celebrations have come to a close and to celebrate zero fatalities this year we bring you nine songs from I Got Spiders, Bona Rays, Tasteless, Damn Vandals, Laurel Aitken, DITZ, Orcas, Fuzz And The Felts and The Ratboys.

I Got Spiders, Poetry Corner, Bona Rays, Tony has your Facebook comments, tidal power, last week, Paulmas!, TGI fun, storm fun, From the Vaults, Cherry Red, Skinhead Train, Tony's International Gig Guide, Uglyshoes, this week, Tony's birthday, no Nutty Nottingham tour this week, quiet weekend, punk, Izzatwat, fantastic hair, ask Vader and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: I Got Spiders – All I Wanna Do
Song 2: Bona Rays - Poser
Song 3: Tasteless – She’s A Square
Song 4: Damn Vandals – They Won’t Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon
Song 5: Laurel Aitken – Skinhead Train
Song 6: DITZ – Fuck The Pain Away
Song 7: Orcas – Nu Er Jeg Hoj
Song 8: Fuzz And The Felts – Drinking Alone
Song 9: The Ratboys – Everybody Loves The Ramones

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PUNKY! - 04-02-2020 - The Paul Turns 50 Special!

4 February 2020

Paul's back from Spain and alive! On top of that, Paulmas comes around again and this year it's a special one. So to help celebrate Paul turning 50 we Punky along to nine great songs from Confront Stage, The Get, Guana Batz, Meteors, Primitives, The Derellas, Ken Fox And Knock Yourself Out, Chaos Bleak and Lucifer Star Machine.

From Russia with confusion, Comedy Suburbs, interview with Ginge, Tony has your Facebook comments, red liquorice, The Primitives box set, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, last week, Tony went nowhere, Paul went to loads, Die Zorros, this week, 3 day working week, TGI Paulmas, warehouse, Darth Vader stops by, Izzatwat, Lucifer Star Machine and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Confront Stage – Brainwash For War
Song 2: The Get – In The Doghouse
Song 3: Guana Batz – The Cave
Song 4: Meteors – Johnny Remember Me
Song 5: Primitives – Buzz Buzz Buzz
Song 6: The Derellas – Soho Hotel
Song 7: Ken Fox And Knock Yourself Out – One Foot In Front Of The Other
Song 8: Chaos Bleak – Watch The Night Sky
Song 9: Lucifer Star Machine – The Void

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PUNKY! - 28-01-2020 - The Cuarta Dimensión Special!

28 January 2020

Paul's in Spain! This might normally cause an issue for recording Punky, but luckily for you (or not depending on your point of view) we are experienced in the matters of time travel and these things rarely phase us. So disguise your Tardis, strap on your flux capacitor and prepare to slingshot around the sun whilst twerking to the nine marvellous songs from Dizeaze, The Cavemen, Norra Hospitalet, Angerland, Klingonz, Celebrity Hangover, Midnite Snaxxx, Puppy And The Handjobs and Apocalypse Babys.

Apologies to Michael, out of control, Tony has your Facebook comments, Dead 60s, Trump,last week, quiet week, Nottingham Forest v Reading, Spain, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, new teeth, this week, not a lot happening, Spain gig, Psychobilly Kicks Back, no Izzatwat, Apocalypse Babys and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Dizeaze – Out Of Control
Song 2: The Cavemen - Slave
Song 3: Norra Hospitalet – Det Spelar Ingen Roll
Song 4: Angerland – This Blood Machine
Song 5: Klingonz - Lepreporn
Song 6: Celebrity Hangover – No Words
Song 7: Midnite Snaxxx – Music Inside
Song 8: Puppy And The Handjobs – That’s Bullshit
Song 9: Apocalypse Babys – How Can I Tell You I Miss You If You Won't Fuck Off?

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PUNKY! - 21-01-2020 - The We Are Always Right Special!

21 January 2020

We take a break from dealing with truly terrible drivers, and decide the best use of our sabbatical from the madness is to bring you nine tracks from Totally Gnarly, Rotten Mind, The Ratboys, Spanking Charlene, Hit Me Baby, Destination Lonely, Askvader, Peaness and Frenzy Of Tongs.

Stupid drivers, Tony has your Facebook comments, Dead 60s, previous competition results, last week, band practice, Paul went to Dublin, Frenzy of Tongs, Irish stew, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Crap Instruction, this week, warehouse, Paul's off to Spain, birthday gig, Paul interviews The Frenzy of Tongs and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: Totally Gnarly – Surf Commies Must Die
Song 2: Rotten Mind – Not One Of You
Song 3: The Ratboys – Sonic Boy
Song 4: Spanking Charlene – I Don’t Wanna Go There
Song 5: Hit Me Baby – Gimme More
Song 6: Destination Lonely - Trouble
Song 7: Askvader – Nothing To Lose
Song 8: Peaness - Kaizen
Song 9: Frenzy Of Tongs – Betty’s Getting Botox

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PUNKY! - 14-01-2020 - The C90 Cherry Red Special!

14 January 2020

It's been a large week and it's a surprise that we not only record the show on time but we have another couple of great compilations come through! So get ready for nine great songs from Burnout, Avo-8, The Telescopes, Justine And The Unclean, Dead 60s, The Ghost Wolves, Neck, Th’ Faith Healers and Natterers.

A smooth start, the 15th birthday is slowly creeping up, Manchester Punk Festival, C90 compilation, Tony has your Facebook comments, Dark Shadows, Simon Nott, Uglyshoes,last week, Apocalypse Babys networking event, 3 Stone Monkey, Paul did a gig in Bracknell, Oslo, Brigitte Handley, From the Vaults, Dead 60s, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, Frenzy of Tongs, Dublin, an Izzatwat first and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Burnout - Drugs
Song 2: Avo-8 – Out of My Mind
Song 3: The Telescopes - To Kill A Slow Girl Walking
Song 4: Justine And The Unclean – Picking A Fight
Song 5: Dead 60s – You’re Not The Law
Song 6: The Ghost Wolves – Let’s Go To Mars
Song 7: Neck – Always Upsettin’ Somebody
Song 8: Th’ Faith Healers – Pop Song
Song 9: Natterers – Germs And Creeps

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PUNKY! - 07-01-2020 - The Maths Of Trousers Special!

7 January 2020

We're back on track this week and getting the year up and running with nine scorching songs from Apocalypse Babys, Divide The Empire, The Get, Danny Cleaver, The Dark Shadows, Crash Induction, Acid Blood, The Real Impossibles and Tarah Who?

Apocalypse Babys new album, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Scanner, Uglyshoes, last week, band practice, Unfortunate Events, Star Wars, Nutty Nottingham tour, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Veganism, Crash Induction, this week, gigs, Oslo, no Izzatwat, Doctor Who and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Apocalypse Babys – I Think You've Gone And Mistaken Me, For Someone Who Gives A Fuck
Song 2: Divide The Empire – Coffee Burns
Song 3: The Get – Are You Really Gonna Take Me Back
Song 4: Danny Cleaver – Regret! Regret! Regret!
Song 5: The Dark Shadows – Dave Likes Dolls
Song 6: Crash Induction – Number 1 Fan
Song 7: Acid Blood – Running From A Bullet
Song 8: The Real Impossibles – Guess You Feel it Too
Song 9: Tarah Who? - Pantomath

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PUNKY! - 02-01-2020 - The First Show Of The Decade Special!

2 January 2020

As this show is the first of a brand new decade, we thought the best way to kick off another ten years is to look back over the previous. So, get ready for nine reet good tunes from The Rippers, Resistance 77, Species, Smokey Bastard, Scanner, De Hoje Haele, Wonk Unit, The Bleach Boys and The KDV Deviators.

The Punky Machine let's us down, best of the decade, lady singers, comedy suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Cat Milker, Nutty Nottingham Tour, a present for Michael, last week, Tony had a very quiet Christmas, remote control farting machine, Italian vs English food, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, Tony's sick of it, Star Wars, no Izzatwat this week, a very late Christmas message from Father Uglyshoes and a reminder of the ways you can get in touch!

Song 1: The Rippers - Right Time To Kill You
Song 2: Resistance 77 – Punk Rock Songs
Song 3: Species – Ram It Up
Song 4: Smokey Bastard – Baba Yaga
Song 5: Scanner – Sideshow Train
Song 6: De Hoje Haele - Ubehagelig
Song 7: Wonk Unit – I Love My Nagging Wife
Song 8: The Bleach Boys – I Married A Lesbian Sex Commando
Song 9: The KDV Deviators – Deviator Zone 666

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