We're Timelords!

11 July 2006

Paul's off on his travels but we still manage to bring you a new Punky! How? We're timelords! We've travelled across the space/time continuim to bring you music from The Ray Gradys, The Tattooed Millionaires, Ciao! Manhattan and Dead Identities. Paul talks about what he's been up to on his holiday/tour, we feature the usual Podcast Alley/Myspace comments (don't forget to check out our Myspace page for our version of Love Machine and the Alice Rock acoustic track from last week), Paul does a quick review of "Nobody likes onions", we finally feature George's poem in "Poetry Corner", Tony has a last minute "Izzatwat" thanks to Daniel, we talk about Portugal's exit from the World Cup - HA!, Tony has bad news about his cat, Paul discusses his plans for this week on his US tour and hey folks, leave the time travelling to us experts...

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