The Block Party Hangover...!

30 May 2006

Last night was Block Party 6 and we are knackered, good job we've got some great songs from Outbreaks, Jimmy The Squirrel, Alim Qasimov and Riot Squad. We have your PodcastAlley and Myspace comments, Punky - we're uniting fans and bands across the lands!, Paul impresses with two regional accents, Tony's got a Welsh "Izzatwat", A Blunt story from Jeff Uglyshoes, Who are thicker - Aussies or Kiwis?, Paul seems to know quite a lot about sheep, Hussieskunk news and more accents!, We don't hate Emo's..., We talk about The Punky Radio Tour!, Total Talk Nonsense pre-empts us!, Block Party 6 was great, We have a couple of iTunes reviews and the next show will be on 6/6/6....

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